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EcoSolve® INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANER is a 100% organic non-toxic industrial grade cleaner; a sanitizer, antibacterial solution that is effective on all surfaces. Formulated for commercial & industrial settings, it removes grease from all hard surfaces and eliminates strong odours created by organic waste on contact.

Made completely from a natural plant extract taken from the bark of banana trees, EcoSolve® does not contain any chemicals, alcohols, petrochemicals, solvents, phthalates, ammonia, bleach, phosphates, preservatives or perfumes.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Recommended for all purpose cleaning and industrial requirements for odour control and sanitizes of work areas. No special protective equipment is required. For best results, spray directly onto hard, washable surfaces, and wipe with a clean cloth. For large bins or containers used for collection of organic materials, spray directly onto surfaces as required. For compost activation, spray directly onto organic material for pre-treatment and apply as new compost is added. Superior microbe and odour control in industrial waste, food production or waste management areas. Eliminates odour by killing odour causing bacteria on contact. Approved by Health Canada and CFIA as safe for use as a cleaner, and sanitizer on food contact surfaces in food processing establishments.

INGREDIENTS: Product No. ECO56541 3% Musa Paradisiaca (banana bark standardized extract) and 97% purified water.


Product Name: Industrial Strength Cleaner
Product Use: Odour Eliminator, Broad Spectrum Microbicide (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal), Sanitizer, Grease Cutter, Stainless Steel, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, and Decomposition and Compost Accelerator

Product FDA Registration No. HSR – 4478
HS Number 3401.20.90.10
Tie Height 4 x 1
Skid Weight 869.44 kg
Body Height 34.8 in

208 Liter Drum (3%) ECO56541
UPC 617037 565411

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